I have a Graphic Design Degree from Kansas State University. My design professor told me there were plenty of starving artists and if I would major in Graphic Design I may have a better chance at making a living. I never did work as a graphic designer. Nonetheless, I had been creating things for years, but didn’t pursue selling my work to the public.

Early Work

One of my first designs was a 9 ft. bar that includes mementos of my life. We had it crated and installed in our home when we moved to the D.C. area. In the beginning most of my work was created on “rescued” furniture. I created several tables, wine racks, frames, etc. and gave them away as gifts. My friends and family encouraged me to quit my job and sell my unique mosaics full time.

Birth of Revived Relics

I nervously quit my job in 2000. I sold my first piece the next day and Revived Relics was born. That customer liked the piece so well she commissioned me to create another mosaic. From there it has continued to be an exciting and busy adventure. My art has been displayed in a variety of stores, a restaurant, and at the Arlington County Central Library. I have also had booths at various art and craft shows and sell pieces on this website.


My artwork is all one-of-a-kind. I use a method called Pique Assiette, incorporating recycled glassware, coins, and whimsical items into my pieces to create something new from once useful items. Thinking outside the box gets my creative process flowing. Each piece evolves differently depending on shape, material, placement, and colors. For me, life is a puzzle and so are mosaics. I like to make the viewer ponder the challenge of assembling pieces of junk into beautiful new treasures.

Customized Art

In addition to the artwork for sale in person and in the gallery, I also design customized one-of-a-kind pieces on commission. I can make each commissioned piece of art uniquely personal by adding personalized mementos. My ultimate goal is to create keepsakes that will last a lifetime and endure for many generations to come.